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ArcFM Designer XI is the next generation in Graphic Work Design. Built specifically for designers and engineers of electric and gas utilities, ArcFM Designer XI offers purpose-built tools for designing, drafting, and analyzing your distribution network. Using the latest technology from Esri, Designer 11 provides a platform to digitize the design process and keep your GIS up-to-date without having to redraw. Benefits of Designer 11: 1. Get work done faster. Utility customers have experienced over 75 percent reduction in the time required for designing new services. 2. Supporting the entire workflow: A Gas utility in the northeast now completes the entire workflow for a 100-foot main extension in a couple of hours – rather than a couple of days. 3. Future-proofing technology decisions: As an extension of the ArcGIS Platform, ArcFM Designer XI works with the Geometric Network or Utility Network, providing a bridge from legacy technology to new technology – whatever your timeline.


Electric & Gas, GIS, Information Technology, Public Works, Telco, Water Resources, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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