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Schneider Electric's Geodatabase Manager automates and schedules the dual tasks of reconciling and posting, with a comprehensive, configurable workflow that enforces QA and other business rules—all augmented by a powerful conflict resolution process. Esri’s ArcSDE, by design, supports one post to a version at a time. In an enterprise implementation, user productivity can be impacted when many users attempt to post to the same version at the same time or in rapid succession. Geodatabase Manager centrally organizes this process through automated queues, configured with priorities and conflict management rules that free users from potential delays, and lets them get on with the next job. Any versioned, enterprise ArcSDE environment—including landbase and non-utility geodatabases—can benefit from Geodatabase Manager in key areas: • Best Possible Performance – through continuous reconcile and compression, even if the system has long-transaction versions • Up-to-date Top Level Versions – by posting large numbers of versions daily, keeping outward-facing ’in service‘ versions current Improved Data Integrity – by enforcing QA and other business rules, as well as providing an interface point to other critical business systems • Geodatabase Confidence – by logging versions that are reconciled, posted, or are in conflict, in support of reporting, progress measurement, and trend identification in the nature of user edits • Managed Conflict Resolution – by queuing conflicting versions for review by administrators and experienced business systems analysts


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