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Utilities must be able to effectively manage underground network systems. Business functions—such as duct space joint use, call-before-you-dig, and cable placements—are important revenue-earning and revenue-saving activities that require supporting information. With sophisticated, intuitive functions to accurately track where cables are located and placed in conduit, a utility can efficiently complete those functions and realize effective management of its underground facilities. Schneider Electric developed Conduit Manager as an extension to ArcFM™ to support underground facilities management. Conduit Manager is an integrated set of tools and dialog boxes for adding, annotating, and maintaining the underground infrastructure of the utility network system. It provides the functionality for defining an underground system with duct banks, trenches, conduits, cross sections, underground cables, and underground access structures. Conduit Manager also allows user to create, edit, and view underground internal structures such as manholes and vaults. Once the underground system is built, users can leverage the tracing queries to determine duct availability based on various criteria. All features managed by Conduit Manager are available for viewing in ArcFM Viewer. Next steps: • For questions and assistance, please click here • To schedule an online demo, please click here • To get a quote, please click here For more information: • Visit the partner's Web site for more about Conduit Manager • Visit the product space on exchange


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