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Whether you’re managing a fiber optic network from a central office, searching for buried assets on site, or planning a future system expansion, you need accurate information that’s mapped to your physical network. Fiber Manager from Schneider Electric relies on the proven enterprise architecture and tools of Schneider Electric's ArcFM™ Solution to provide a user-friendly, GIS-based environment for creating and maintaining network information for fiber optic systems. Fiber Manager lets the user easily establish and inspect network connections. The tool also creates a named optical path within your network. Trace capabilities include the Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) trace, which precisely pinpoints the location of an outage or trouble area in your network. Fiber Manager also delivers reports that help analyze network data. The user can see connectivity within splice enclosures, patch panels, and circuits, as well as identify available capacity in the system. Ready-to-use reports include: • Splice Report • Splice Schematic • Patch Panel Connection Report • Fiber Allocation Report • Circuit Trace Report • OTDR Trace Report


Electric & Gas, GIS, Information Technology, Public Works, Telco, Water Resources, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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