Understand Your Data

Complex missions require data-driven decisions. You need to identify and manage risk and vulnerabilities before the alarm sounds. The Esri platform takes your ability to recognize incident and response patterns to a whole new level. With GIS, you can understand the possible hazards, potential events, and deployment requirements of your service area. In turn, you can develop effective prevention, protection, and mitigation plans.



Geographic patterns in your data can tell volumes about your community. Understand where and why problems occur to improve performance.


Get a clear picture of the vulnerabilities in your community. Share results instantly with key decision-makers and target proactive efforts.


Operational efficiencies come into focus when interactive maps illuminate patterns across divisions. See the status of incidents in real time to get to the root of problems.


ArcGIS for Local Government Fire Service Solution

The ArcGIS for Local Government ready-to-use applications for fire service are based on industry standards and designed to get you up and running fast. From preplanning and hydrant inspections to wall maps and plume modeling, these templates deliver results. Analyze risk; develop pre-incident plans; and improve response activities that protect human life, property, and natural resources.

Learn more about the ArcGIS for Local Government fire service solution.

ArcGIS Online

Give everyone in your organization the power to quickly visualize and analyze incident and risk data in the cloud. Configure your ArcGIS Online site with a ready-to-use implementation solution for your fire department. Create public-facing maps to communicate with your community and show them how they can stay safe.

Learn more about the ArcGIS Online.

Pre-Incident Planning

The Pre-Incident Planning map is used by fire and law enforcement incident operations personnel to streamline the collection of hazards, equipment, supplies, and procedures needed to deal with a potential incident.

See how pre-incident planning improves public safety decision-making.

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