Empower Your Front Lines

Maps are essential for fighting wildland fires. You must be able to quickly answer questions such as: where is the fire and how fast is it spreading; what are the priority values to protect; and what are the risks to firefighters and the community? GIS produces maps that answer these and other questions. Yet that is only the beginning. GIS provides the capability for fast, efficient analysis, and data dissemination.



Get a clear picture of the vulnerabilities in your community. Share results instantly with key decision makers and target proactive efforts to reduce wildfire threats.


GIS provides situational awareness with real-time intelligence to understand how changing events and actions impact response operations.


With GIS, better decisions can be quickly displayed, shared, and understood by those who support fire suppression tactics.


ArcGIS for Local Government Fire Service Solution

ArcGIS for Local Government—Fire Service ready-to-use applications are based on industry standards and designed to get you up and running fast. From preplanning and hydrant inspections to wall maps and plume modeling, these templates deliver results. Analyze risk; develop pre-incident plans; and improve response activities that protect human life, property, and natural resources.

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ArcGIS Online

Give everyone in your organization the power to quickly visualize and analyze incident and risk data in the cloud. Configure your ArcGIS Online site with a ready-to-use implementation solution for your fire department. Create public-facing maps to communicate with your community and show them how they can stay safe.

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Evacuation Zones

The Evacuation Zones application is used by fire and emergency management operations personnel to notify the public when evacuations are required due to an emergency incident such as a wildland fire. Evacuation zones are typically referenced when people must be removed from a neighborhood or community because of safety concerns.

See how evacuation zone application improves public safety and emergency operations.