Building Healthy Communities with GIS-based Mobile Data Collection

From government to non-profits, all forms of organizations are working toward making their community a healthy one. Learn how mobile data collection can increase collaboration between these stakeholders and help impact the health of their residents. Read more

Enabling Mobile Data Collection for the Love Your Heart Event

County of San Diego Health and Human Services goes mobile while providing free blood pressure screenings and it relates to their overall health. Read more

As Olympic stars vie for medals, tech battles Zika in Rio

From GIS to smart thermometers, many organizations are contributing to the fight on Zika at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Read more

New Mexico Connects Departments with Their Communties

New Mexico created a central, collaborative data service that not only provides data in a geospatial format through ArcGIS Online, but teaches users how to explore and interpret the data. Read more

Bring Your Community Health Needs Assessment to Life

A Community Health Needs Assessment should not simply fulfill a legal requirement; it should be actionable. Find out how taking the data that has a geographic component and putting it in the GIS will give you a new perspective. Read more

Impacting Homelessness

Transform field data into actionable intelligence. Learn how to use a modern solution to capture data, conduct analytics, communicate with one open system, achieve operational awareness, and engage with your community. Read more

GIS Maps Hospital Efforts

This article by HealthcareDive discusses how GIS is being used in the healthcare space to help create healthier populations. Read more

Effective Vector-borne Disease Control & Surveillance

Understanding how GIS addresses the prevention, surveillance, and reporting of Vector-Borne Disease Read more

Taking the Guesswork out of Community Health

The mission of Loma Linda University Health (LLUH) is to strengthen community health so individuals and families can enjoy longer, healthier lives. Like other community health institutions, LLUH uses geographic information system (GIS) technology to support needs assessments. Using GIS, LLUH combines geography with data to help decision makers understand what affects community health and focus resources in the areas with the greatest need. Read more

Vector-Borne Disease Surveillance and Control

ArcGIS empowers faster response for vector-borne disease surveillance and control. Read more

Healthy Communities Brochure

GIS: A proven pathway to a healthy community Read more

El Nino: Mapping Health Risks for California's Most Vulnerable

A geospatial analysis by Direct Relief has identified communities in several of California's counties that are facing especially high risk from the expected effects of the 2015 El Nino season. Read more

Open Data for Health

The key to unlocking your data just got a lot easier. And you may not need to spend a penny more on software. Read more

How Walgreens Keeps A #HealthyBiz

GIS has helped Walgreens adapt successfully to changing market conditions and be primed to grow. The result has been the first global pharmacy-led, health and well-being organization with a combined business operating in more than 25 countries and a 35 percent increase in sales. Read more

Healthy Communities

Esri's ArcGIS platform empowers communities to improve the health and wellbeing of their residents. Whether it's tracking health indicators, disease surveillance, or visualizing important demographics, GIS helps move communities toward better health and resiliency. Read more

Maps Offer Picture of How Diseases Spread

Esri's chief medical officer, Dr. Este Geraghty, explains how maps can lead to a better understanding of health issues, especially those like the recent measles outbreak. Read more

Alexandria, Virginia Gets Serious about Park and Play Space Improvements

The City of Alexandria maps and analyzes play space throughout the community to identify areas where resident lack access to play spaces and where new ones should be located. Read more

A Fresh Look at Community Health Using ArcGIS Online

Combining health, demographic, and socioeconomic indicators with ArcGIS Online led to the creation of the Community Health Score, which classifies communities by their overall health. Read more

California Healthcare Atlas Offers Single, Easy-to-Use Portal

The California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development makes it easy to find, share, and use data about patients, facilities, providers, physicians, and more. Read more

Volunteers with GIS Skills Support American Red Cross

Geospatial technology helps the Red Cross plan disaster response activities and resources. Staff map the locations of community response resources against areas where aid has historically been needed to determine the right resources reach people. Read more

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