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Globalization can help you find new, emerging markets. But it’s also a risky proposition. How can manufacturers transform their organization safely by increasing sales, decreasing risk, and enhancing their overall decision making? Esri solutions give you a global reach so you can increase sales, decrease risk, and enhance decision making with intelligent maps. Discover the power of the Esri platform. Take advantage of geo-analysis and data to find unique patterns, trends, and insights within every opportunity.

"You have to have the depots in the right spot. And for that we really need the technology from Esri to visualize and to understand our depot footprint."

Warner de Gooijer, Territory Support Manager, Cisco Systems


Supporting Sustainability through the Supply Chain

Natura is one of the leading manufacturers and retailers of household products in Brazil. Learn how GIS has helped this innovative company cultivate natural resources sustainably from the Amazon Rain Forest, and ensure that wealth stays within the indigenous communities.
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GIS-Mapping Out Enterprise Impact

Using AccuWeather’s historical weather database, national sales data, and Esri’s ArcGIS software, AccuWeather found the sale of three very different types of products in the United States were all impacted by weather in particular ways.
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One Platform for a World of Street Data

In-car navigation started in 1984 with a single BMW. Today, four out of five cars with in-vehicle navigation use HERE Map Content. What does HERE use to create the world’s leading navigational map technology? Esri’s ArcGIS Platform. Read more

Interstate Batteries Improves Delivery with Esri Technology

At Interstate Batteries, reducing costs while improving customer service is all in a day’s work for Market IQ, the company’s corporate marketing system. The solution provides routing data, sales orders, and marketing information to dealers throughout the United States. Read more


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