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Asset Management and Risk Analysis

Drive reliability and high performance

Fortify the physical foundation

Manufacturing automation requires physical and digital connections that achieve optimal production, uptime, safety, and security. Location-based manufacturing asset and facility management helps leaders assess risks, plan, and protect staff and assets to improve operations. Location-enabled asset management software supports factory and campus management from every angle—above- and belowground—as well as monitoring real-time status; fielding automatic notifications; estimating worth; and collaborating across maintenance, insurance, security, safety, and operations functions.

Gain visibility and connectivity from every angle

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Streamline capital planning

Build impactful capital plans that unite infrastructure issues, capital improvement projects, and operational needs to inform spending prioritization that addresses immediate needs and long-term goals. Inside and outside the building, visualize root-cause issues in context and derive scenarios to communicate and maximize investment impacts of office and manufacturing facilities.

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Improve portfolio utilization

Develop strategic growth plans and manage your real estate portfolio with location intelligence. From the shop floor to the offices and grounds, map and manage the company's real estate portfolio with geospatial technology to ensure that land, offices, and manufacturing facilities are optimally used to achieve immediate and long-term goals. ArcGIS helps portfolio managers make data-driven decisions that improve building utilization and the investment portfolio.

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Reduce risks with operations monitoring

Improve planning and reduce vulnerabilities in your operation by mapping assets—fixed and mobile. Share data with ArcGIS to gain greater insight on conditions, life cycles, cost centers, and worth, and inform actions. Increase safety and security by visualizing and analyzing the digital network of people, trucks, machines, processes, and deliveries in real time. Enable response teams with apps and tools that send notifications of unauthorized movement or irregular behavior. Quickly assess and respond to events with the right people, materials, and tools.

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Use real-time inspection and maintenance data

Reduce risk and increase safety by providing real-time locates and operations status at supplier sites or manufacturing facilities and campuses. Enable maintenance and project teams to assess and resolve issues faster with field surveys, maps, drones, and lidar. Report, share, and mitigate findings with suppliers and manufacturing facilities for preventive maintenance and continuous improvement in supplier risk management.

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Enhance quality with advanced analytics

Increase first-pass yield and product quality. Uncover relationships between defects and their related systems, processes, distribution, or point of use. Gather insight from recurring failure patterns and warranty claims. Use space and time analysis to expose unseen patterns and threats that inform process improvement.

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Exploring a breakthrough in real-time mapping

An innovation in real-time mapping improves workplace safety in warehouses, on work sites—even on the ski slopes.

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