Supply Chain Performance and Visibility

Supply Chain Performance and Visibility

Get all the information you need to proactively manage the supply chain. Predict where it could fail and take preventative measures. Use data from existing systems to create real-time predictive intelligence from maps and spatial analysis that improves performance. Strengthen visibility into your supply chain to mitigate disruptions and grow new markets.

Agroforestry in Brazil for Natura's beauty, household and personal care products


Support Resiliency throughout the Supply Chain

Responsible sourcing practices are key for Natura, a multinational manufacturer of beauty and household products. Maps and spatial analysis improve traceability and transparency in the supply chain to protect biodiversity and farmers. Simple data collection in remote areas and seamless integration with SAP speed efforts in the field and office.


See the global operating picture of the supply chain—factories, suppliers, stores, and distribution.


Understand all network connections, complex relationships, and potential impacts.

Real-Time Tracking

Proactively get alerts when disruptions emerge and service-level agreements are at risk.


See precise global status, identify service area gaps, and locate opportunities.