Focused Solutions for Public Works

By combining the science of geography with proven data management practices, the ArcGIS platform gives you more command over your public works to maintain operational awareness, meet demands, and stay within budget. Esri has developed solutions to better connect your organization and the communities you serve with the use of GIS technology.

Snow Solutions

Give your department the applications, data, and training it needs to create a lean and powerful storm management center. Fight back with technology to work smarter, not harder against snow and ice.

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Solutions for Flood

Protect people and property in your community from the effects of flooding with a turn-key solution to plan, manage, respond, and recover from incidents.

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Solutions for Vector-Borne Disease Surveillance and Control

Using the ArcGIS platform, public works professionals and mosquito abatement districts can work to prevent and mitigate the spread of mosquito's and vector through through proactive planning and spraying. Explore how our focused vector control offer helps to improve operations, increase workforce efficiency, and control costs.

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