Field and Fleet Management

A trash truck picking up a trash bin to dump the contents into the back of the truck and a map showing all the pick-up locations in yellow, blue green and purple routes

To effectively mobilize your field crews and ensure fleet optimization to address community needs, you need the data and insight to understand and manage performance in real time. To capture this data, these teams can become data collection sensors as they feed critical location-based information to the back office for more informed decision-making and improved fleet management. In turn, your advanced insight will better guide field operations and fleets to where they are needed most and improve service quality.

Optimize routing and navigation

Productivity gains are significant when you optimize field operations and public works fleets through GIS. Optimized routes can help waste management, snowplow, and street-sweeping teams control costs like fuel and improve efficiency. Fleet managers can measure material use and performance through Internet of Things sensors to support real-time decision-making.

A desktop screen showing map with red, yellow, and orange route and navigation lines

Achieve dynamic workforce management

Use the power of location to coordinate your mobile workforce through prioritized work order management between the field and operations center. GIS provides a common geospatial view for inspections, fleet maintenance, asset tracking, asset management, and scheduled work with reduced errors, increased productivity, and cost savings.

A desktop screen of graffiti work orders with bar graphs, charts, and a hot spot

Improve asset inventory

Collecting accurate asset data fuels long-range planning, maintenance, and budgeting. Field data collection tools support inventories ranging from trees to pavement conditions and street furniture to give you more detailed information. Citizen reporting apps allow people to report concerns and experience faster response times.

A desktop with a webpage of asset inventory and a map showing easy and congested roadway drive times


Hillsboro tracks sweeper location data with GIS

The city simplified its workflow of tracking path data from its street sweepers using GIS to meet stakeholder needs.

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