Manage your recreational assets with care.

The Esri platform makes the business of managing parks and grounds holistic and transparent. Intelligent maps help you prioritize work and schedule tree trimming, lawn care, and pest abatement. Mapping vegetation data gives you a deeper perspective of recreational areas, helping you optimize maintenance and conserve resources. Monitor and manage your parks and grounds with confidence rather than guesswork.



Share park and activity information with citizens to increase visitor numbers and city revenue.


Use mobile devices to collect information in the field that automatically syncs to your maps.


Create optimized turf management and maintenance schedules so that the landscape remains beautiful.


ArcGIS for Desktop

ArcGIS for Desktop makes sense of tabular data by putting it in spatial context. Seeing sprinkler, fertilizer, and pesticide data on a map highlights problems and helps you conserve resources.

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ArcGIS Online

Give staff the ability to manage all your parks and grounds information in three clicks or less. Serve public-facing maps showing where parks are.

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ArcGIS for Windows Mobile

With ArcGIS for Windows Mobile, you can take your office data into the field. Validate existing information and collect new parks and grounds data whether you have network access or not.

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