Turn merchandising on its head.

Want to maximize your profitability per square foot? Optimize stock? Improve pricing and assortment planning? Then put location to work for you. Adopt the Esri location platform and turn intuition into insight and ideas into outcomes. How? By understanding exactly where to place the right products for the right customers.



Find the right fit for products and people. Dig deep into data and trends by understanding the places they happen.


See the marketplace like never before. See which people are where and why by viewing real-time and historic data through a map.


Ask questions, run what-if scenarios, and change models easily. Esri solutions let you analyze before you implement.


Esri Location Analytics

Seven of the top ten US retailers rely on Esri Location Analytics to support critical decisions they make about their store networks and markets. The solution makes it easy to add location information to existing customer information and analyze it with intuitive mapping and analytical tools.

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ArcGIS Platform

ArcGIS is the geography platform for your retail organization. Integrate ArcGIS into your existing business systems, improving access to information across your organization. Improve business agility while making the best decisions.

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Get the right product to your clients by understanding where they and others like them are located. Tap into the who of lifestyle demography with the where of location neighborhood geography.

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Esri User Conference


Join us in San Diego, California, to collaborate, learn, and inspire at the Esri User Conference.

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