Know your best customers

Retailers need an authentic customer engagement strategy to deliver the personalized experiences and offerings customers expect. Understanding customer behavior is key to retail effectiveness, resilience, and sustainable growth. With tools like GIS, machine learning, and business intelligence, retailer leaders can engage customers where they are—on social media, on an app, or in a store.

Unlock insights from your CRM with GIS

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools are the authoritative source for insights about your customers. Combined with GIS, a CRM is the tool consumer-facing businesses can use to engage and build relevant relationships with their most important asset: their customers.


Unlock precise customer insights with GIS

Retailers use CRM tools to connect with and engage customers. GIS can unlock the spatial aspects of CRM tools, highlighting places where there are higher concentrations of your best customers and enabling more focused and relevant marketing and higher conversion rates.

Neighborhood-level insights about customers

Understand your customers' lifestyle choices—what they care about, where they shop, and how they spend their time. Tapestry Segmentation data uses 67 discrete behavioral and demographic segments, with easy-to-understand descriptions, to personalize market segments in US neighborhoods.

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Add customer data to geographic attributes

Business leaders use ArcGIS to access the thousands of hyperlocal attributes that they need in order to understand who their customers are and how to reach them. They can import their own data and find unique insights into customers' behaviors.


Unlocking insights in the CRM

Geographic analysis helps retailers unlock insights about customers, build accurate trade areas, and create personalized experiences for customers.

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