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Supply Chain and Logistics

Manage and optimize assets

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See where logistics assets are in real time

Logistics is the lifeblood of every business, especially retail. ArcGIS enables retailers to visualize all parts of their supply chain—inventory, transportation assets, warehouses, and stores—with easy-to-understand maps. Create apps that inform stakeholders of where products are, where they are going, and when they will arrive.

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Monitor your supply chain in real time

Deliver on your customers' expectations

Home delivery is an emerging capability for retailers. Customers have a growing expectation that they can receive products anywhere and at any time. To respond, retailers and manufacturers have to manage orders and deliveries accurately and efficiently. Use ArcGIS to support home delivery with location services.

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Situational awareness for executives

Create dashboards, apps, and infographics to quickly communicate the operational health of your supply chain to the entire enterprise—from key leadership to supply chain practitioners.

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Territory optimization with GIS

Effective territory planning and optimization is critical for many businesses. Well-defined territories increase efficiency and customer satisfaction while cutting costs and response time. Organizations that use mobile crews for sales, services, or deliveries can use GIS to organize mobile staff into territories or regions.

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The ethics of supply chain transparency

Fast-fashion standout H&M accelerates the trend toward sustainably sourced products with a new initiative driven by supply chain transparency.

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