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See what your competition can't

Market intelligence is critical to retail. Every location, from brick-and-mortar stores to fulfillment centers, dark stores, and transportation networks, requires precise insights about local markets. ArcGIS gives retailers access to data and spatial analytics that can inform strategies in merchandising, marketing, pricing, and customer engagement.

Precise market intelligence drives growth

Every business benefits from local market intelligence. The larger your enterprise, the more important it is to understand the markets and neighborhoods where your customers shop and interact with your brand.

Understand where your customers come from

Trade areas describe the relationship between geographic location and the areas where retail leaders can expect to draw customers. Leverage ArcGIS to create trade areas using customer data, spend data, and drive times, leading to more accurate, data-driven results.

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Use location intelligence to predict results

Business leaders use market potential to evaluate demand for a product or service in a given area. Use demographic and the latest Consumer Expenditure Survey data, along with population growth and household spend, to create indexes that compare a location's potential to overall national demand.

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Access 15,000 variables from around the world

ArcGIS Solutions for Business provides access to over 15,000 variables about locations and markets. Data includes demographics, business locations, consumer spend, and market potential. From broad market level down to hyperlocal block groups, ready-to-use datasets provide critical insights for business.

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