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Video: Tracking Illegal Fishing and Protecting Marine Ecosystems with GIS

By Katie Olson

Maritime security is a critical global concern, with illegal fishing posing a significant threat to marine ecosystems and coastal communities. To address this problem, US Southern Command (SouthCom) developed Enhanced Domain Awareness (EDA), an innovative GIS-powered maritime security tool.

Using a mix of public and commercial data, EDA simplifies the process of identifying illegal fishing vessels and creates a common, unclassified intelligence picture. Real-time data and pattern analyses highlight rendezvous locations and detect nefarious actors that are added to a watchlist. The tool also contributes to disaster relief by helping aid workers understand the environment they are entering, identify vulnerable areas, and locate critical infrastructure. By harnessing open-source information, EDA empowers SouthCom and its partner nations to proactively address multiple challenges.

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