Hussein Nasser

Product Engineer at Esri - Utility Network Team. Author of several GIS books and Software Engineering Content Creator on YouTube and Anchor podcast

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Utility Network is now on ArcGIS Runtime 100.6

The utility network api is available on ArcGIS Runtime allowing the developers to build interesting utility specific mobile applications

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Utility network: Fantastic Errors and How to Fix them – Part1

This is a blog about the common utility network errors that are encountered and their suggested fixes.

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Attribute Rules: What’s new in ArcGIS Pro 2.3 and ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7

Brief blog post about the new upcoming functionality for 2.3/10.7 and beyond

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Using historical moments with the utility network

We discuss how to use the historical records of the new versioning model in the utility network to inspect the network in the past.

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Automating utility network functions using command line

While ArcGIS Pro is the primary smart client for the utility network, the REST API endpoints can also be used in tools for administration tasks.

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A technical walk-through for a simple utility network web trace tool with Javascript

It’s time to show the power of the services oriented architecture nature of the Utility Network Management extension. Currently ArcGIS ...

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