Hussein Nasser

Product Engineer at Esri, Author of several GIS books and Software Engineering Content Creator on YouTube and a podcast host.

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Utility Network is now on ArcGIS JavaScript API 4.20

Utility Network JavaScript API is now available on the Esri ArcGIS JavaScript 4.20 release

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The Life Cycle of Subnetwork in Utility Network

This blog will demonstrate the life cycle of a subnetwork from its inception through updating, exporting and finally deleting the subnetwork.

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Domain, Subtypes and the Schema Arcade Functions in ArcGIS Pro 2.6

In this blog I'll discuss the new Arcade functions in 2.6. Mainly Domain, Subtypes & Schema

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Node JS Utility Network Command Line Interface tools (uncli)

In this blog post I explore the utility network Node JS API that has been written in Javascript. Tools such as update subnetworks, export etc.

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Prevent geometry updates with Attribute Rules

In this short blog we explain how you prevent feature geometry updates with Attribute Rules but allow attribute updates

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Limit Edits within a Boundary with Attribute Rules

Allow certain users to edit areas with attribute rules

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FeatureSetByAssociations – New Utility Network Arcade API to work with Associations (2.5/10.8)

Work with utility network associations in Arcade with the new FeatureSetByAssociation API

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$originalFeature – New Attribute Rules Arcade Global

$originalFeature is a new Arcade Global in 2.5/10.8 that provides the state of the feature before it was edited.

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Advanced Attribute Rules – Editing features on another class with attribute rules

An overview of the advanced dictionary based functionality in attribute rules with examples.

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