Katie Thompson

As a product marketer for ArcGIS Urban, Katie enjoys sharing product announcements and best practices with the Esri community.

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ArcGIS Urban at the 2024 Esri UC

Explore ArcGIS Urban sessions and user presentations for inspiration at this year's Esri User Conference.

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Your Guide to 3D GIS at UC 2024

Check out recommended sessions on all things 3D to discover how you can transform your data from 2D to 3D and bring 3D capabilities to your GIS.

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What’s New in ArcGIS Urban (June 2024)

The latest release of ArcGIS Urban helps you design the spaces between buildings for a holistic approach to urban planning and design.

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Introducing ArcGIS Urban on ArcGIS Enterprise

ArcGIS Urban is available on Enterprise for the first time with the release of ArcGIS Enterprise 11.3.

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ArcGIS Urban Coming to ArcGIS Enterprise 11.3

ArcGIS Urban will soon be available with ArcGIS Enterprise, providing planners with a new way to leverage their city's GIS data for planning.

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What’s New in ArcGIS Urban (February 2024)

Stay flexible and responsive to changing dynamics with the latest enhancements to ArcGIS Urban for zoning and land use planning.

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Iterative Planning With ArcGIS Urban

ArcGIS Urban allows you to meet the needs of iterative planning: edit the study area, update existing conditions and copy between scenarios.

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Preparing Custom Basemap and Elevation Layers for ArcGIS Urban

How to prepare the data in ArcGIS Pro and publish it so that the layers can be consumed in ArcGIS Urban.

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Simplify Urban Model Management with ArcGIS Urban’s Copy Functionality

With the new urban model copy, you can create copies of your urban model, carrying over all the settings, plans and projects.

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