Lisa Berry

I am a Cartographic Product Engineer on the Living Atlas team at Esri. I work to create clear and concise stories about demographic data using cartography. I also build data layers and tutorials to help others create their own map masterpieces.

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Updates coming to American Community Survey Living Atlas layers (Fall 2020)

In December 2020, the American Community Survey layers in ArcGIS Living Atlas will be updated with the newest 2015-2019 data from the Census.

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Explore before you map

Learn some easy tips for the start of your cartographic journey. Start each map with a few minutes of exploration to learn more about your data.

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Five maps you (and your team) should see

Esri Maps for Public Policy offers tools and maps to help tackle the world's biggest problems. Check out 5 maps that give us a look into how.

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5 minutes with the Esri Maps for Public Policy site

Take 5 minutes for a quick Tour of the Esri Maps for Public Policy Site. Learn how to use maps to help inform public policy.

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Explore 19 Years of Global Air Quality in Living Atlas

ArcGIS Living Atlas now contains global air quality content derived from 19 years of NASA SEDAC data. See how air quality has changed over time.

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Enhanced Clustering in Map Viewer Beta

Large point datasets can be challenging to visualize. Use clustering in Map Viewer Beta to better understand the patterns in your point features.

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Your Arcade Questions Answered

Are you starting to learn how to use Arcade in your maps? If so, you might want to check out these commonly asked questions.

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Explore Air Quality in the US with New Layers and Maps in ArcGIS Living Atlas

ArcGIS Living Atlas now contains a new set of maps that explore 19 years of NASA SEDAC's PM 2.5 data aggregated to standard geographies.

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County-level unemployment layer updated monthly now in ArcGIS Living Atlas

Need a ready-to-use feature layer that contains Bureau of Labor Statistics' county-level unemployment data that updates monthly? Look no further.

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