Lisa Berry

I am a Cartographic Product Engineer on the Living Atlas team at Esri. I work to create clear and concise stories about demographic data using cartography. I also build data layers and tutorials to help others create their own map masterpieces.

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Highlights of Living Atlas Webinar Recap

Short on time? This quick recap of the January 2020 Highlights of Living Atlas webinar will catch you up on the newest Living Atlas content.

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Access the Newest American Community Survey (ACS) Data in Minutes

ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World has ACS data within ready-to-use layers that can be used throughout the ArcGIS platform.

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Updates Coming to American Community Survey Living Atlas Layers

In December 2019, the American Community Survey layers in ArcGIS Living Atlas will be updated with the newest 2014-2018 data from the Census.

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Pump up Your Pop-ups With Arcade FeatureSets and Living Atlas (Part 2)

Learn how to access data from Living Atlas layers without ever adding the layer to your map.

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Top 10 Tips for Policy Mapping

Learn easy ways to make your maps clear when mapping public policy topics. These 10 easy tips will help your maps tell a strong policy story.

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Visualizing population migration by where people filed their taxes

Explore these maps showing how American have moved based on where they filed their taxes. These flow maps show migration within the US.

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Bring Colors From Your Map Into Your Pop-up Using Arcade

Use an arcade expression to mimic the colors from your map into your pop-up text.

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Pump up Your Pop-ups With Arcade FeatureSets and the Living Atlas

Bring new information into your ArcGIS Online pop-ups using arcade expressions and data from the Living Atlas. This blog shows you how.

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Add Census Data to Any Map with the Living Atlas

There are many different ways to add demographic information into your maps using data from the U.S. Census' American Community Survey.

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