Lisa Berry

I am a Cartographic Product Engineer on the Living Atlas team at Esri. I work to create clear and concise stories about demographic data using cartography. I also build data layers and tutorials to help others create their own map masterpieces.

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How to Combine Color and Size Effectively in Your Maps

Smart mapping allows you to choose two attributes, and show them both within the same map. This is a valuable trick which can showcase yo...

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How to Make Smart Color Choices in Your Maps

As the map-maker, you are the most valuable tool when creating a narrative around your data. An important way to get the intended reactio...

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Use Arcade Expressions to Map Your Ideas

How do you make a web map if the layer you are using does not contain the exact attribute field that you need? This blog shows you how.

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How to Smart Map in 3 Easy Steps

Smart Mapping is an exciting capability that can help you create beautiful and informative maps, quickly. It’s never been easier to cra...

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Add Demographics to Your Datasets (Fast!)

Did you know that you can add demographics to your existing geographical datasets? Learn how to easily enrich your data.

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What’s New in Smart Mapping (June 2016)

Many datasets contain a date or time field, but showing them in the map can be a challenge. The June 2016 ArcGIS Online release has new m...

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6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Maps

Try these fast and easy tips in ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise to help your maps tell a clear story about your data.

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