Lisa Berry

I am a Senior Product Engineer on the Living Atlas team at Esri. I work to create clear and concise stories about demographic, socioeconomic, and policy topics using cartography. I also build data layers and tutorials to help others create their own map masterpieces.

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How 8 Million+ Census 2020 Features were Hosted to ArcGIS Living Atlas

Learn how the Living Atlas team created items from U.S. Census Bureau's Redistricting data, and how you can also publish large datasets.

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An Improved Histogram Experience in Map Viewer

Explore the new enhancements of the histogram within Map Viewer in ArcGIS Online to make better maps.

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Tackling the Digital Divide with Ready-to-Use Content + Policy

GIS is a critical part of ensuring the population has equal opportunity to internet access. Find layers and maps to help pinpoint areas of need.

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Effective ways to communicate margins of error through pop-ups

When mapping Census ACS data, pop-ups are a powerful way to include the margin of error. This blog covers various methods to use in your pop-ups.

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Add Context to your Dashboards using Data Expressions + Living Atlas

Add valuable information into your dashboards using the new Arcade Data Expressions within ArcGIS Dashboards + ArcGIS Living Atlas content.

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The Importance of Margins of Error and Mapping

Surveyed data, like Census' ACS, contains a margin of error for each estimate. Learn what this error means and how to map it effectively.

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How to make that map: Census Agriculture Relationship Map

This blog provides a tutorial for how to make a relationship map comparing two attributes using a Living Atlas layer.

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Our Four Favorite Ways to Map American Agriculture

Get inspired and learn how to utilize US agricultural content from Living Atlas within your own maps.

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Add a layer of clarity to your color and size maps

Reinforce your color and size maps using this cartographic technique to help your audience better understand the patterns of the data.

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