Matt Driscoll

As a Software Engineer on the ArcGIS JavaScript API Team, I focus on building mapping widgets that provide a great user experience, are well designed and accessible to all users. Feel free to contact me at with questions related to the JavaScript API, Widgets, TypeScript, and development tools.

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Increased web API security in Google Chrome

Starting with Google Chrome version 50, some of the HTML5 web APIs will require websites to be using a secure origin like HTTPS to w...

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The GeoForm Graduates

Need to gather some simple information and put it on a map?

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Who’s Ready for a Makeover?

The Social Media Template, a popular web application template on ArcGIS Online, has been redesigned, made responsive and given a new name.

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Making Your Pop-up Pop!

Want to make a beautiful pop-up to match your map or website? With a little elbow grease, CSS, and a keen eye for design, it’s easy.

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