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ArcGIS Earth Mobile 1.0 is Released



With more than 50,000 beta testers from both Android and iOS, the ArcGIS Earth team is excited to announce that ArcGIS Earth Mobile 1.0 is now available in both Google Play and the App Store!

System Requirements

ArcGIS Earth Mobile is supported on the following devices:

For iOS

For Android

Get Started

To help you start your hand-held immersive 3D experience faster, we help you learn four navigation gestures when you launch ArcGIS Earth Mobile for the first time. You can review the gesture instructions using the left panel in the app at anytime.


Four gestures to navigate ArcGIS Earth Mobile
Navigation Gestures

Browse 2D and 3D Content

ArcGIS Earth Mobile introduces 3 methods to add data – Add data from Portal Content, Add local files, and Add data by Url. ArcGIS Earth Mobile is capable of browsing GIS content both online and offline. When connected with a network, you can add web scenes, map services, image services, scene services, and feature services. You can also browse rich content provided in the Living Atlas. ArcGIS Earth Mobile supports intermittent connectivity usage by allowing you to add local files including mobile scene packages (MSPK), KML, KMZ, tile packages and scene layer packages (SLPK).

Browse 2D and 3D contents in ArcGIS Earth Mobile
2D and 3D contents

Collection workflow

Use Tour feature to share your memories

Some of you might have seen the preview video of Tour feature from my last blog – ArcGIS Earth Mobile Beta – A little bit more (July 2019). Now it’s your time to create and share your memories with geotagged photos.

Create tour to share memories
Create tour to share memories

And more


Also, numerous enhancements were added, and many bugs were fixed since the beta version.

Download and get started

To get ArcGIS Earth Mobile 1.0, visit the Google Play or App Store on your supported mobile device. You can also find ArcGIS Earth Mobile on our launch page. NOTE: Please note that we have disabled the beta version. We recommend that you remove the beta app now and download the released version to avoid any interruptions.

For more information about ArcGIS Earth Mobile, please visit our documentation site to see what’s coming next! Feel free to comment in the user community GeoNet. A special thank you to all our beta testers and for all our new users, please let us know how we are doing by emailing


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Jasmine Du is the Product Manager of Scene Viewer and Web 3D experience. She also talks about 3D and Digital Twins. Trained as a GIS professional, Jasmine has more than 12 years of experience in the geospatial industry. She is driving to empower numerous industries with the latest Esri's 3D technology. In 2015, she joined Esri as the lead product engineer for ArcGIS Earth and transferred to PM in 2021. Previously, she was a GIS Analyst in Abt Associates New York office.


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