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What’s New in ArcGIS Earth (July 2021)

ArcGIS Earth is built on the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET. The latest release of ArcGIS Runtime brings major improvements to the July 2021 release of ArcGIS Earth, including an expanded config.xml sharing workflow, an improved Configuration Manager UI, as well as additional enhancements.


In the previous April 2021 release, config.xml distribution was improved across the ArcGIS ecosystem. Starting with ArcGIS Online 9.1 and the upcoming ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1, ArcGIS Earth configuration files can be uploaded and hosted as .xml files. In the newest release of ArcGIS Earth, users have the ability to share local configuration files with their organization as .XML files directly through the ArcGIS Earth Configuration Manager.

Share and Add Config

New Features

Visibility Range

Visibility range is supported for most data types, providing flexibility to set layer visibility at a specified range and get the best view of your data at various levels of detail. If the layer has a preset scale, it can be read accurately in ArcGIS Earth.
Visibility Range Demo

Layer Icon Customization

We’re happy to introduce a popularly requested feature with our new release of ArcGIS Earth: the option to customize layer icons. Layer icons in the table of contents can now be customized based on each layer type or folder type. With a custom icon file and layer type specified in a per-user JSON file, the ArcGIS Earth default layer icon in the table of contents will be replaced by the customized icon.
Layer Icon Customization


Microsoft .appx Equivalency

The July 2021 release of ArcGIS Earth, when installed from the Microsoft Store, is now equivalent to ArcGIS Earth installed using an executable file (downloaded from the ArcGIS Earth product page) in terms of the following:

Undo and Redo

The new release of ArcGIS Earth includes the ability to undo and redo actions while editing KML properties, including colors, styles, labels, views, information, and more. The default maximum undoable value is 100.

Time Format Unification

The format of time elements displayed in ArcGIS Earth will match the operating system settings for Short Date and Long Time.

Download the July 2021 release of ArcGIS Earth on our website, and visit the ArcGIS Earth Resources page for free training materials and tutorials.   

About the authors

Cici is the lead product engineer on the ArcGIS Earth team, designing and improving intuitive 3D capabilities and workflows to support Esri users.


Avonlea Fotheringham is a Product Marketing Manager for ArcGIS CityEngine and Esri's Extended Reality capability, using her passion for language and design to evangelize GIS to the world. She is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where she uses her free time to organize an annual international poetry festival.


Steve Haynes

Steve is a Product Manager at Esri, where he is responsible for ArcGIS Earth. With over 15 years of geospatial experience in industries ranging from Survey & Mapping to GEOINT to Military Simulation and Training, Steve brings an energetic, customer mission focused approach to delivering results that solve complex problems.


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