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User Types: Flexible Licensing for ArcGIS Enterprise beginning at 10.7

Your organization consists of users with different needs. You have ArcGIS Enterprise users who only need to view data. You have users that go a step beyond and need to edit features. You have staff in the field doing data collection on your maps and information. And, you have power users who publish and create content, run analysis and even administer your deployment.

You may have one, two, or all of these. Regardless, you need flexibility on the way you license your users.

Starting at ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7, user types are the new licensing model for your ArcGIS Enterprise users. With user types, you can match your organization’s workflows and license users as any one of the five general-purpose types: Viewers, Data Editors, Field Workers, Creators and GIS Professionals.

Need to license 100 users to collect data using Collector for ArcGIS? Field Worker user types have you covered. Just want a group of users who can edit feature data? Editor user types will do the trick.

Each of the five user types have their own:

As an example, a Field Worker would have a login, the ability to view and edit data, and the field applications bundle (Survey123 for ArcGIS, Collector for ArcGIS, Explorer for ArcGIS) included in their license. As needed, you can license add-on applications to help fuel other workflows if you need more than the applications included with your user types. For example, Field Workers can also be licensed add-on applications like the new Tracker for ArcGIS.

Below is the list of the five general-purpose user types, their capabilities, and their included application bundles:

List of 5 user types and their capabilities and apps

You have been sharing with us how user types can help grow into different departments in your organization and expand the use of mapping and GIS to new teams and we are really excited to see that come to fruition! In addition to the five general types above, you may see some new user types available, like the new Insights Analyst which will be released alongside 10.7.

Things to note:

For more information on user types, please reference:


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