What's New in ArcGIS IPS (August 2022)

ArcGIS IPS is an indoor positioning system that puts the blue dot on indoor maps. It enables users to locate themselves inside a facility, navigate to people, places and assets in real time, and share their position with others so they can find you more easily. ArcGIS IPS is available for ArcGIS Indoors, ArcGIS Field Maps and ArcGIS Runtime to build custom mobile apps.

The August 2022 release of ArcGIS IPS (ArcGIS IPS Setup 1.2 and ArcGIS Runtime 100.15) introduces improvements in the indoor positioning accuracy, making for a better user experience. In addition, the usability of the ArcGIS IPS Setup mobile app was enhanced to allow for a better and more intuitive surveying experience.


ArcGIS IPS Setup

ArcGIS IPS Setup is a mobile app for iOS and Android that is used in the setup process to plan paths, survey and collect radio data and test the blue dot inside your facility.

Optimized survey path auto-reverse logic

After planning paths inside the facility, radio signals from Beacons or WiFi are collected in Survey mode. It is best practice to reverse planned and walked paths for optimal coverage. With this release, when selecting ‘existing planned/surveyed path’, the user will only be prompted once to reverse the path to allow for a smoother surveying procedure.

ArcGIS IPS Setup app survey mode
ArcGIS IPS Setup mobile app prompting the user to reverse the path in survey mode.

Improvements and bug fixes


ArcGIS Runtime

Improved blue dot experience

Improved software stability

Support for large positioning files: In previous releases, the IndoorLocationDataSource (ILDS) did not always work effectively on all platforms when using large positioning files (30 MB or more). With release 100.15, the indoor location data source can use positioning files up to 300 MB.

Improved output


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Silvia is the Sr. Product Marketing Manager for ArcGIS Indoors, ArcGIS IPS and ArcGIS Data Reviewer at Esri. As such, her mission is to raise awareness for the ever growing opportunities of bringing GIS to the indoor space and the importance of data quality.

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