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A Fresh Look for Wayback

The World Imagery Wayback app was introduced in June 2018, delivering access to 81 versions of World Imagery. Five years later, that number has doubled. As of September 2023, there are 162 versions of World Imagery in the Wayback archive. These 162 records represent a compilation of World Imagery updates over the past 10-years.

In celebration of this milestone, the Wayback app is sporting a fresh new interface. While the updates are largely cosmetic, there are some nice functional enhancements as well. Below is a quick overview, but best to experience this for yourself.

What’s new

The app has an overall new and improved look and feel.

Users can now view the highest levels of detail.

The streamlined side panel includes more intuitive default settings and a seamless hover preview when mousing across layers.

Some notable technical details on the improvements:


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Wayback System Architecture: Dr. Lucian Plesea

Wayback App Development: Jinnan Zhang

Wayback App Design: John Nelson

World Imagery Curation: Jim Mason, Chris Egle, Atif Zafar, Nico Roldos, and Team


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