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The new Map Viewer, the next generation map making tool in ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise, provides brilliant ways to visualize data and build compelling web maps. Discover the powerful capabilities of the new Map Viewer through the resources provided below. Understand the differences between the new and classic map viewers, and when you need to use a specific map viewer to complete your workflows.

New Map Viewer

New Map Viewer Demo from Esri UC

Go from data to impactful maps in minutes with the new Map Viewer. Watch this recorded Esri UC session to:

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Tale of Two ArcGIS Online Map Viewers

The new Map Viewer (formerly known as Map Viewer beta) and Map Viewer Classic (formerly known as Map Viewer) are both available for production use by all customers. The new Map Viewer is fast, intuitive, and flexible. It is built using ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.x, which supports improved functionality and new features. However, because the map viewers are built using different versions of ArcGIS API for JavaScript, some workflows are not yet available in the new Map Viewer. Use this functionality guide to understand when you need to use a specific map viewer to complete your workflow.

Reference the Functionality Guide


Latest Capabilities in the New Map Viewer

Explore what’s new in Map Viewer, including the following:


Group Layers

Organize layers in your map or app into groups using the layer groups functionality. Using layer groups, you can conveniently turn groups of layers on and off and quickly reorder groups of layers.

Get Started with Group Layers


Enhanced Clustering

Add labels and pop-ups to your clusters. Customize the font, size, placement, offset, and halo of your labels. Set the minimum and maximum size of the clusters. Use pop-ups to show the number of features and summarized data for the clusters.

Discover Clustering Enhancements


Improved Symbology

Point features can now be styled using new vector point symbols, which look sharp at all scale levels and whose colors can be changed. Also, the new Map Viewer can display custom vector 2D collections published with ArcGIS Pro.

See What’s Possible with Symbols


Expanded Pop-up Capabilities

The pop-up authoring experience is flexible, allowing you to mix and match different types of content. Show attachments and include charts. Build and rearrange pop-up content including images, attribute data, custom text, and charts.

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Map Viewer Year in Review

Perhaps you were waiting for the new Map Viewer to come out of beta before you started checking it out. If so, here’s an excellent recap of the many great features available in the new Map Viewer.

Explore the Feature Recap


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