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What’s New in Business Analyst for ArcGIS Pro 2.3

The latest release of the Business Analyst extension for ArcGIS Pro is here – available with the ArcGIS Pro 2.3 release. This release includes four new tools and several enhancements. You can now visualize data and key indicators using the beautiful, custom infographics, bring in and use your own data alongside Esri Demographic data, and use the new Calculate Market Penetration and Create Trade Area Rings tools.

Here are the key highlights:

Use Interactive and Beautiful Infographics

Infographics allow you to summarize and visualize data and key indicators in a beautiful and interactive way that is easier and quicker to understand. Here’s what you can do with this release:

This new capability is available to all ArcGIS Pro users (with or without the Business Analyst license).

Bring in and Use Your Own Data Alongside Esri Demographics

Using your own data is an integral part of your market analysis. We have added the ability to use your own data in many Business Analyst tools, so you can, for example, enrich your trade areas with your own quarterly sales data and combine that with any Esri Demographic data. You can define how your data is apportioned or aggregated within ArcGIS Pro – much like the BDS layer from ArcMap.

Understand Market Penetration More Easily

Use the new Calculate Market Penetration geoprocessing tool to help explain why certain stores are performing well or not so well based on expectations. This tool identifies the percent penetration based on the number of customers within an area compared to a demographic variable such as total population or total dollars.

Map showing dots within census tract boundaries to indicate users by area.
Calculate Market Penetration in Business Analyst for ArcGIS Pro

Create Trade Area Rings in Couple of Clicks

You are probably familiar with the Buffer tool. Using the Create Trade Area Rings tool in Business Analyst, now you can create buffers, or trade area rings around your layer of locations (e.g. stores or clinics) as well as remove overlapping boundaries.  This is especially important to understand the market coverage of several nearby store locations.

And Much More..

Select one or more variable measures in Data Browser

You can now select multiple flavors of the same variable (Index / Count / Percent / Avg) in the same session. This helps you use multiple measures of the same variable at once when enriching your data.

Apply Improved Constraints in Territory Creation

Additional options to support the ability to add attribute-based constraints to the automated territory creation workflow. Use “minimum”, “maximum”, and “ideal” constraints, for example, setup sales territories so each territory must have a minimum of 500,000 target customers and a maximum of 10,000,000 target customers.

Add Admin Geographies Interactively

Enhanced options to search and select from a list of administrative boundaries to create standard geography trade areas, for example, select all the ZIP Codes in San Diego County.

So that’s a quick recap of our latest contributions to ArcGIS Pro 2.3! Upgrade to the latest ArcGIS Pro and start using the new features today.

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Kyle is a Principal Product Engineer with Esri - focusing on geospatial technologies and applied demographics. He is part of a global team responsible for building next generation ArcGIS Business Analyst applications.

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