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Collector for ArcGIS Beta Announcement (February 2020)

If you have been following our beta updates to Collector, you’ll know that we are closing in on our first, official release. In fact, this is our last beta update before releasing next month!

We’ve been winding down the development work and focusing our efforts primarily on stabilization and performance improvements so that we deliver a solid release in March. Still, there are some great new features included in this update:

To our more than 15,000 active beta participants, we are very grateful for your continued testing and feedback. We are very fortunate to have your support and feedback during the development process.

If you have been holding back, waiting for Collector to come out of beta before giving this major new update a spin, this is a great opportunity to jump in. You can join our early adopter program from this link and then directly access the Google Play beta from your Android device here.

About the author

Jeff Shaner is a Product Lead with the software dev team at Esri. Delivering GIS tools and apps that enable users to work more productively, safely, and effectively has translated into 23 years of inspired work with the talented dev team at Esri and dedicated ArcGIS users around the world.  In his spare time, Jeff enjoys few things more than a good round of golf or hockey followed by a stop at his favorite craft brewery.


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Clay Donaldson
Clay Donaldson

Great news! Looking forward to testing.

Any idea how long this beta will run? Are you targeting a early/mid or late march release?

Drew Dowling
Drew Dowling

Could you provide some documentation or links to how this app differs from the existing collector for arcgis app available from the Google play app store? How is this a new app instead of collector 2.0?

David Coley
David Coley

Does this beta release include the ability to update attributes on multiple features, same as the recent iOS release?

Mohammad Aly
Mohammad Aly

Hi Jeff,

I am asking about releasing of snapping feature in Android , it was in backlog feature with high priority .
I wish it will be in the next official release as we have request it from our client .

please advice .

Best regards,
Mohamamd Aly

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