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Configurable Apps Announcement – Apps Moving to Mature Support Phase - December 2021 Update of ArcGIS Online

In the upcoming December 2021 update of ArcGIS Online, 4 configurable app templates will move into the Mature phase of the Product Lifecycle. In addition, 6 classic Story Maps configurable app templates have moved into the Extended Support phase with Sep 2021 Online update. All 10 templates will be removed from the default Configurable Apps Gallery.  Table below lists those templates and the recommended alternatives as next generation of Configurable Apps, ArcGIS Instant Apps, and other Esri apps.

Consider exploring those recommended alternatives when it’s time you decide to build the replacement application with better performance and loads of new capabilities offered in today’s ArcGIS platform.

Configurable Apps moving to Mature Support Recommended alternatives
Elevation Profile Media Map, 3D Viewer, Nearby
Layer Showcase Category Gallery
Minimal Gallery Category Gallery
Story Map Basic Basic


Classic Esri Story Maps configurable app moving to Extended Support Recommended alternatives
Story Map Series Portfolio, ArcGIS StoryMaps (Collection), Experience Builder
Story Map Swipe and Spyglass ArcGIS StoryMaps (Swipe block)
Story Map Tour ArcGIS StoryMaps (Tour templates)
Story Map Journal ArcGIS StoryMaps (Sidecar)
Story Map Shortlist ArcGIS StoryMaps (Tour templates)
Story Map Cascade ArcGIS StoryMaps


What does the Mature Phase of a configurable application template mean?

What does the Extended Support Phase of a classic Esri Story Maps configurable application template mean?

Can I still create apps from these templates even after they are moved to the mature phase?

The answer is Yes. These apps will remain as items in ArcGIS Online after they have been moved to the mature phase. If you still want to use the apps, you can create a custom configurable app group that contains the app item. Set this group as your configurable app template group in the organization administration settings. Members in your organization will then be able to create additional apps from the template.

I have a map which is part of the existing Configurable App I built a while ago and now it moves to mature phase. Can my app continue to work and be accessible if I open the map in new Map Viewer , enable a few new capabilities (such as Effect) and save it in new Map Viewer?

The answer is Yes. Your app will continue to work and be accessible to your users. However, those capabilities enabled in new Map Viewer but not available in Classic Map Viewer will unfortunately not show up in your existing app.


We recommend you migrate your existing configurable apps to the new ArcGIS Instant Apps, which is the next generation of Configurable Apps and built on the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.x. You will continue enjoying the simple to build experience with workflow-driving application. Be prepared to discover many new features and capabilities that are not available with Configurable Apps. Browse the new gallery of ArcGIS Instant Apps to get some fresh ideas!

ArcGIS Instant Apps team is actively seeking feedback about the latest apps, as well as suggestions and ideas to build the next focused template for interacting with your maps and data.  Share yours in the Esri Community (formerly known as GeoNet) ArcGIS Instant Apps Question board and Ideas site.

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