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Introducing the Basic template

The Basic template is a new ArcGIS Instant Apps template with the ability to quickly share a web map or web scene. Basic comes with a standard set of tools that are used for map navigation and exploration. This app is also the perfect template to use for embedding in a website. The interface is minimal and focuses solely on highlighting the web map or scene that is being featured. For map authors getting started with web apps, the Basic template is a great place to start for showcasing and sharing their web map or web scene. Due to its limited core set of tools, the app can be quickly published and ready to share in moments.

image of sample Basic app with a web scene
image of sample basic app with a map

A Basic set of tools

After choosing a web map or web scene to feature in the app, the next step is to choose the tools to include. All the tools listed below can be displayed in a light or dark theme. The tools and options that are available include the following:

Due the brevity of the tools and options available in the Basic template, the app can be configured to be up and running quickly. Whether the app is showcasing a web map or a web scene, configuring the app in either express or full setup can be done within minutes.


The sample apps below show some of the tools and options that have been described above. These sample apps have been created to highlight and showcase the data featured in the web map and scene.

In this Basic app, a web scene of the elevation of Mt. St. Helens after its 1980 eruption is displayed. For the purpose of this app, there are minimal tools needed for data exploration so only the legend, slides, and the disable scroll option were added.

In this Basic app, a web map of Covid-19 trends in Maryland is displayed. This app also includes the legend tool, along with the search tool and the scalebar. To make sure that the app stays focused on Maryland, the navigation boundary has also been configured.

About the author

Sarah is a Product Engineer for ArcGIS Online that works on Instant Apps. She has been with Esri since 2016 and enjoys cycling, ceramics, and hanging with her dog.

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