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What's Coming in ArcGIS Excalibur (October 2022)

ArcGIS Excalibur is a web-based app that allows image analysts to access and work with imagery for daily decision-making. Nowadays organizations are looking to make their operations more efficient with remote inspection. This October 2022 release includes new and enhanced features that help users to continue to work on imagery remotely. Analysts can more easily make observations on images from anywhere and then add them to a report that can be shared with executives and stakeholders.

In this release, ArcGIS Excalibur will be expanding to support additional service types to perform more enhanced visualization on imagery. There will be new canvas tools to help analysts stay organized and cut down on manual work.  Finally, we have streamlined the observation tools to make collecting and editing observations more intuitive.


Support for Additional Service Types:

ArcGIS Excalibur will now support Tile Layers, Tile Image Layers, and Map Image Layers with the October 2022 Release. Users can continue to work remotely by analyzing imagery off-site with a larger set of layer types. The newly designed “connect by URL” or “Analysis Layers” interface provides quick access to tiled or map imagery layers when performing remote inspections on, for example, an area impacted by weather or activity at a construction site.  To learn more about all the layer types that ArcGIS Excalibur supports, read this documentation.


Use tiled services like WMTS to conduct damage assessment analysis


New and Enhanced Canvas Tools:





Streamlined Observation Tools

We have also streamlined the observation tools to make collecting and editing observations more intuitive. There is now a single tool to collect one or many observations. We’ve simplified the way analysts can edit an observation to three easy options: Edit, Delete, or Copy.


Stay in the Know

We’re here to support you. To learn more about how ArcGIS Excalibur can add value to your imagery workflows, get in touch with an Esri representative at, visit the Esri Community page, and explore the new Resources Page.


About the authors

Alexandra is a Product Marketing Manager on the Operational Intelligence team at Esri. She is currently working on reshaping Esri's motion imagery story with the ArcGIS Video Server launch in ArcGIS Excalibur. Before transitioning to product marketing, Alexandra specialized in CRM, content, and email marketing strategy for top tech companies.


Jamon Johnson is a Product Manager on the GeoEnabled Systems Team with over 25 years in the GIS industry. He served in the Marine Corps as an Intelligence Officer and a GEOINT Analyst. Jamon now focuses on delivering GIS and spatial analytics to solve complex problems.

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