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Real-Time GIS at the Esri Partner Conference and Esri Developer Summit 2019

Don’t miss out on all things real-time in next week’s double header Esri Partner Conference and Esri Developer Summit 2019 in Palm Springs, California. The partner conference runs from March 2 to 4, while the developer summit is scheduled for March 5 to 8.

The Real-Time GIS team is excited to meet the Esri community of partners and developers to share the latest in real-time and big data technology. Stop by our Real-Time GIS booth to see a demo or chat about our products.

Esri Partner Conference

Join this session to see what is possible with Real-Time GIS and enable such capabilities in your partner offerings. Learn about deployment options and success stories.

ArcGIS Velocity is a new Esri SaaS offering that enables geospatial insights with your IoT. Learn to create feeds that configure, ingest, and visualize incoming data or large datasets stores within or external to ArcGIS. Partner up with ArcGIS Velocity to create new real-time or big data solutions.

You can also learn more about ArcGIS Velocity here.

Esri Developer Summit

This session introduces how you can incorporate real-time data feeds with your existing GIS data and IT infrastructure to perform continuous processing and analytics against streaming data while producing new streams of data that work seamlessly with the rest of the ArcGIS products.

This session walks through various methods of visualizing real-time data ingested via ArcGIS GeoEvent Server and features different use cases. Learn how to visualize and query high-volume data via map and feature services.

Learn how ArcGIS GeoEvent Server can push spatial data to web applications, data stores, or automatically alert personnel when specific conditions occur in real-time. Analytics covered includes attribute/spatial (geofence) filtering, geotagging, calculating field values, enriching events by joining fields from external data sources, mapping between even schemas, and detecting incidents and gaps.

This session includes intermediate and advanced topics of deploying Real-Time GIS using ArcGIS GeoEvent Server and the spatiotemporal big data store such as architecture, reliability, scalability, and common “gotchas”.

Learn how to add your own connectors to receive and send new streams of information from your IoT sensors and devices, enterprise business systems, and third-party feeds.

This use case session shows how Raspberry Pi, an Ultrasonic Sensor, Node-RED, and ArcGIS GeoEvent Server can be used to trigger service requests in a work order management system.

Join this session to learn development plans and roadmap for Real-Time and Big Data GIS including ArcGIS GeoEvent Server, ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server, and the spatiotemporal big data store.

Learn about BigDataToolkit (BDT), a solution from Professional Services that enables users with a Big Data environment like Hadoop to read data from own sources and formats, write data to their own destinations, extend the toolkit with their own specific sources, and more.

Get ready to be immersed in some serious GIS learning and community building next week. Check out the full Esri Partner Conference and Esri Developer Summit agendas for more topics. See you in Palm Springs!

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