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ArcGIS Workforce final beta update

We’ve been hard at work building the next evolution of ArcGIS Workforce and on July 7th we released our final beta update before we start the certification and release process.

This update is significant as we’ve made a several changes to the composition of a Workforce project, how they are created and stored within your organization. We’ve removed the Workforce project item and are now storing everything Workforce needs within a single feature service and two web maps.

Workforce items stored in your organization
View of Workforce items stored within your content.

The new schema includes both a web map for the dispatcher and a web map for the mobile workforce. A single hosted web feature layer contains all the layers and tables needed to store information associated with a Workforce project:

There are 2 feature layers

These changes not only simplify the structure of Workforce projects but position Workforce for future integration as a new capability of ArcGIS Field Maps. The map drives the experience of Field Maps and bringing the intelligence of a Workforce project into the definition of a map will lead to a smoother transition moving forward.

With offline support, an exciting new user experience, and a streamlined structure, Workforce is evolving! For details of the schema changes, it’s impact on your work, and to take the beta version for a spin before we release, please join our early adopter program.

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Jeff Shaner is a Senior Product Lead with the software products team at Esri. With 27 years experience, Jeff is focused on delivering apps that enable users to work more productively, safely, and effectively. In his spare time, you are likely to find Jeff on the golf course or hockey rink. 

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