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Graphic map overlayed with two images: one of a construction team collaborating outdoors and one of cranes at a construction site

The Geospatial Advantage

A blueprint for sustainable construction

Empower professionals to make informed decisions

Learn more about how the geographic advantage empowers construction professionals to make informed decisions, optimize resource utilization, and prioritize eco-conscious practices.

Here you’ll find the latest info on how geographic information system (GIS) technology ensures efficient site selection, improved project coordination, heightened safety measures, and compliance with environmental regulations, leading us toward a more sustainable future.

Data-Driven Construction

Hear from the president of LandTech Consultants and the corporate GIS manager at Mortenson to learn how ArcGIS digitally transforms construction firms.

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Building a more resilient, sustainable, and prosperous future

Geography does more than show you a place, it tells you a story about that place—what’s happening there now, and what could happen next. Discover how a comprehensive spatial representation of a worksite improves conditions on-site and beyond.


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Executive Brief: A Blueprint for Modern Construction

Explore real-life examples of how GIS transforms construction with superior data management, enhanced project coordination, and more.

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A construction worker wearing a hard hat and safety vest overlooks a construction site while working on a tablet.

Virtual Event: Reinventing Construction

Data-driven insights and visualization capabilities from GIS technology are redefining the construction industry. Learn from leading firms and experts how you can integrate data from diverse sources to gain a deeper understanding of project life cycles.

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Global construction firms: Building a better workflow

With a foundation of spatial technology, global construction firms are finding that better data management and collaboration lead to more effective planning; more manageable costs; and safer, more sustainable work sites.

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A simple 3D city map with trees highlighting one building in blue

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    GIS Tracks California’s High-Speed Rail Progress

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