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Solutions for Emergency Management

Ready-to-use apps for disaster response planning and operations

Search and rescue professional at a disaster site looks at emergency management dashboard on a tablet that is overlaid with maps of risk zones and evacuation routes

Proactive emergency management planning saves lives and builds resilience. Start using maps, apps, and analytic tools for smart operations: see where resources are needed, assess impact, and communicate instantly. With shared awareness for leaders, teams, and residents alike, you can respond effectively, and your community can recover faster.

Specialized maps and apps for emergency management


Develop hazard assessments

Leverage authoritative geographic data, maps, and spatial analytics to understand the risks your community faces. Assess the impact of hazardous incidents in your community, understand the likelihood of future threats, and create strategic plans that protect assets and save lives. 

Emergency management software shows community map of where hazards have occurred, severity levels, and units impacted

Maintain situational awareness

Create a shared map to access and assess data from multiple sources in real time, enabling data-driven decisions at mission-critical moments. Stay ahead of your community’s needs during an incident with emergency management planning apps that analyze impact and help you direct resources efficiently. 

City map with red flags indicating incident locations and a circular boundary indicating scope of focus

Manage disaster debris

Use data capture apps, shared maps, and analytic tools to quickly identify the scope of damage following a storm, disaster, or other emergency. Take decisive action to direct and report on cleanup efforts—assign crews, measure progress, and secure reimbursement funding that speeds your community's recovery. 

Debris assessment dashboard on emergency management software with map, graph, and table showing assessment progress

Communicate with the public

Public-facing maps and dashboards empower community members to stay prepared, safe, and informed. Educate residents about potential hazards and risks ahead of time, and share real-time updates during ongoing incidents like emergency aid and shelter locations, evacuation routes, or progress toward recovery.

Community resilience dashboard shows state map with risk zones marked in red, orange, and green and hazard sites flagged


Real-Time Emergency Management Operations

Learn how modern emergency management software can help leaders make faster, better-informed decisions.

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Implement a collection of focused maps and apps to help address challenges in your organization.


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