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Solutions for Transit

Ready-to-use maps and apps to manage public transportation

Improve your community's transit systems with user-friendly public transportation software. Provide safe, accessible service with mapping and analytics tools to actively document issues, manage security, track assets in real-time, and locate gaps in routes. Leverage web maps and dashboards to engage residents, boost ridership, and power equitable mobility.

Specialized maps and apps for transit


Analyze and manage networks

Plan smart public transportation with real-time data, smart maps, and communication tools. Visualize routes, stops, assets, and travel times to enhance your team’s work and public awareness. Analyze your network to see where service changes can have the biggest impact, and manage your transit systems with data-driven decisions.

Public transit software displays a transit safety management dashboard with a map of recent incidents

Communicate with riders

Modern, location-based public transportation software powers an engaging experience for riders. Share up-to-date—even real-time—maps with your community displaying routes, stops, service alerts, and proposed changes. Gather feedback to understand real-world needs for service updates, and report on performance for greater transparency,.

This cell phone image or something like it showing the interface under “Engage Transit Riders” section

Manage transit safety

Stay ahead of Federal Transit Administration safety standards with a robust, modern safety management system (SMS). Apps for rapid data collection and maps for high-quality location-based reporting help you document safety events, report hazards, manage corrective actions, and ultimately enable safe transit journeys for your riders.

Transit safety management software showing recent incidents and hazards on a map along with response status

Plan and map transit expansion

Use transit data with location-based public transportation software to visualize smart, sustainable plans for network expansion. Leverage analytics tools to enable growth with minimal impact on your community's natural landscape. Share engaging maps and multimedia reports with residents to get buy-in and generate ridership. 

A 3D map shows red pillars that are higher in areas where there is growth in transit infrastructure and ridership

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What Can You Do with Public Transit Software?

Explore opportunities for public transit management using maps that integrate asset and community data to inform better services.

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Solutions for every initiative

Implement a collection of focused maps and apps to help address challenges in your organization.


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