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Solutions for Public Works

Ready-to-use apps to manage planning and operations

Maximize capital investments with efficient public project planning. Create an accessible, centralized source of data that allows you to easily coordinate across teams, manage assets, and communicate improvements with the public.

Specialized maps and apps for public works

Manage capital projects

Bring projects to their successful completion with a map-based approach. Esri’s public works software helps you make smart infrastructure investments, align with stakeholders, and deliver real-time information updates to efficiently conduct routine road maintenance and more.

A digital map of transportation project plans shows blue and green areas to identify different project types.

Manage assets and operations

Empower your workers with project data at their fingertips. Maintaining a database of all assets and their condition helps guide inspections and improve collaboration on everything from tree management to infrastructure maintenance, while knowing exactly where workers are and what they’re accomplishing.

A digital city map shows areas where water projects and assets are located.

Maintain roads and bridges

Managing road maintenance is exponentially optimized with a map-based approach. Oversee street closure inventory and plan detours. Get real-time updates of road and bridge conditions during critical weather events. Leverage focused workflows to support personnel planning and operations, with detailed location and fleet usage analytics.

A dashboard shows information about a city’s road maintenance vehicles, including a map of vehicle locations and performance metrics.

Communicate with the public

Enrich public engagement and strengthen community with data-driven decision making. Location-based solutions for public works let you communicate road closures and conditions and solicit non-emergency issue reports (graffiti, potholes, trash, flooding, etc.) so your team can respond effectively to community needs. 

A city map shows local road closures and icons representing public reports of incidents or obstructions.

Manage parks and civic events

Public parks and civic events are essential to community quality of life. Manage park infrastructure with a clear understanding of asset inventory and conditions. Communicate park service updates, facilitate efficient permitting and planning, and ensure safe operations with special event management software. 

A city map shows the locations of amenities and health and safety assets in parks or areas where public events may be held.


Accelerating Services on a Small-Town Budget

See how the City of Falls Church, Virginia, uses preconfigured public works software to quickly get the GIS technology it already has up and running.

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Local government solutions for any initiative

Implement focused maps and apps to overcome challenges in your organization and better serve your community.


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