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Solutions for Land Records

Ready-to-use maps and apps to manage property information

GIS professional working on a desktop computer uses land records software overlaid with community maps

Streamline land records and property information for smarter commerce and services. Map-based land parcel management software coordinates data collection and visualization, improving your property value database and simplifying public access to local records. Increase efficiency; recover tax revenue; and build a successful, thriving community. 

Specialized maps and apps for land records


Manage and share property data

Modernize land records and parcel management by compiling authoritative data—like addresses and survey descriptions—in a single database that populates shareable digital maps. Ensure access to accurate location information for residents as well as government services like 911, permitting, billing, and taxation. 

Land records software displays map with selected address, comments, and contact information

Analyze property values

Understand local land values with maps and apps that make parcel information transparent and accessible. Improve the quality of property assessments; track market trends over time; and visualize the location of sales, foreclosures, and appeals—and ultimately, ensure fair property evaluation and equitable community growth.

Land records software dashboard shows a map of local property values

Recover tax revenue

Collect and map tax information on delinquent properties to streamline the recovery of back taxes, interest, and penalties. Maximize tax revenue by engaging real estate professionals, development companies, and the public to return delinquent properties to a productive state and bring positive change to your community. 

Land records software shows map of delinquent properties


Property Appraiser Achieves Agility with GIS

Osceola County eliminated the need to custom code by using ready-made maps and apps that provide visitors with access to county property information.

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Local government solutions for any initiative

Implement a collection of focused maps and apps to help address challenges in your organization.


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