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Solutions for Law Enforcement

Ready-to-use maps and apps to protect your community efficiently

Data-driven policing enriches resident and officer safety, promotes transparency, and improves operational efficiency. Map-based law enforcement solutions allow you to visualize patterns with crime analysis tools and easily share information with the public. Design smarter tactical plans, monitor incidents, and build a safer community. 

Specialized maps and apps for law enforcement


Conduct crime analysis

Use a location-based approach to collect and analyze incident data for crimes, calls for service, arrests, and warrants, and visualize your community’s information on a map. With a single source of truth, you can enhance incident awareness, identify patterns and trends, and improve police operations to ensure public safety. 

Law enforcement solution shows map of criminal incidents summarizing percent change over time

Develop tactical plans

Make predictions and implement smart crime prevention strategies with location-based law enforcement solutions. Map disproportionately high locations of specific crimes alongside other crime control processes to evaluate incident hot spots and adjust strategic deployment accordingly.

Law enforcement software shows map marking areas with particularly high concentrations of crime in red

Empower police transparency

Build trust with the public, elected officials, and the media by sharing engaging maps that provide a common understanding of safety conditions and police operations. Law enforcement solutions with a location-based interface promote equitable service while opening up lines of communication with the public.

Law enforcement software shows map of police response incidents with hotspots showing areas where response rates are rising.


Police Transparency Solution

Build trust with your community via preconfigured solutions for promoting transparency, resident feedback, and accountability in law enforcement.

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Local government solutions for any initiative

Implement a collection of focused maps and apps to help address challenges in your organization to better serve your community.


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