Assign tasks and monitor mobile work in real time

Smart agribusiness companies are making field operation more efficient with GIS. Collecting data, often remotely, and analyzing it in near real time with performance dashboards help leaders model complex workflows, accelerate response times, eliminate waste, and reduce costs. Use location technology to balance and guide input resources more precisely while improving quality and customer satisfaction.

Integrate complex mobile work


Field operations

Use integrated field apps to collect detailed information at the source, often remotely. Enable a combination of form fills, rapid observation collection, and Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data to create a foundation of current field knowledge that improves awareness.


Location tracking

Coordinate, schedule, and dispatch workforce activities efficiently. Assign tasks, monitor status, and measure progress in real time to increase productivity throughout each step of the supply chain.


Real-time visualization and analytics

Strengthen precision agriculture workflows. Collect and analyze information in a near real-time performance dashboard to model complex workflows, improve response times, eliminate waste, and reduce costs. 


Land O'Lakes uses GIS to manage strategic assets

Land O'Lakes streamlines the quality, consistency, marketing, and economics of the farms' dairy products.

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Products for mobile work and connectivity

These collections of products and solutions help staff visualize and collect data from the field.

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