Revolutionizing Telecommunications: with Esri and Partners at MWC Barcelona

I just a few days I’ll be attending MWC Barcelona, the world’s largest and most influential event in the TMT Industry. It’s a thrilling opportunity to immerse myself in the forefront of tech, media, and telecommunications innovation, and connect with industry peers, customers, partners, and innovators. With over 90,000 attendees and more than 1,500 exhibitors from over 150 countries, the event promises unparalleled networking and learning experiences. Representing Esri, I am eager to showcase how ArcGIS is revolutionizing the telecommunications industry. Our products and resources are not just tools, but a catalyst for digital transformation providing a seamless integration of legacy OSS and BSS resources with cutting-edge capabilities such as the creation of digital twins. ArcGIS delivers a comprehensive organizational view, which is essential for telecommunications providers aiming to lead in the digital era.

As we all know, the world of telecommunications is undergoing rapid transformation, driven by the relentless demand for faster, more reliable services. It’s no secret teams throughout the industry are stretched thin, having to do more, with less people, faster than ever before. To keep pace with demand, leading telecom organizations are leveraging the power of location intelligence and GIS to simplify workflows, gain understanding before taking action, improving collaboration and communication, and breaking down siloed databases and workflows supporting numerous other areas of business operations.

At the heart of this evolution is Esri, the global leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, location intelligence, and mapping. With a deep history dating back to 1969 and a presence in over 350,000 organizations worldwide, Esri has been instrumental in shaping the future of digital landscapes. But the true strength of Esri’s positive impact  in telecommunications industry lies not just in its innovative technology, but also in its powerful partnerships with industry leaders. As we look forward to the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona, let’s explore how Esri and its partners attending are setting new benchmarks in telecommunications.

Esri Telecom Partners at MWC 2024

Streamlining Network Management

3-GIS, a leader in web-based GIS for telecom networks, brings their expertise in fiber and copper network planning, design, and management to the global telecom sector. This collaboration with Esri leverages ArcGIS technology to offer telecoms of all sizes a comprehensive ecosystem for optimizing their infrastructure. By enhancing visibility, accuracy, and efficiency in network operations, 3-GIS helps telecom companies avoid siloed network management systems while helping organizations better navigate the complexities of modern network operations, facilitating rapid adaptation to customer demand, industry challenges, and technological advances.

Visit them: Hall 7, Stand 7C72

Leading the Charge in mmWave Planning

The advent of 5G and the potential of 6G are set to redefine what’s possible in telecommunications. Cellular Expert, a key partner of Esri, is at the forefront of this change, specializing in millimeter wave (mmWave) technology. Their high fidelity propagation models, integrated with Esri’s ArcGIS, offer unparalleled precision in network planning. This collaboration enables telecom companies to target and expand their networks more effectively, ensuring that investments are strategically placed for the maximum return.

Visit them: Hall 5 Stand 5I80

Unlocking Network Insights

In the complex world of telecom networks, access to accurate and current data is crucial. Enghouse Networks enhances this capability by integrating its NetDesigner telecom Network Management system with ArcGIS. This partnership provides telecoms with secure access to vital network infrastructure data, streamlining operations and bolstering decision-making across departments. It represents a leap towards more efficient and responsive network management, ensuring companies can meet market demands head-on.

Visit them: Hall 6 Stand 6E71

Driving Digital Transformation

Infosys stands as a beacon of innovation in the deployment of comprehensive GIS solutions. Through its collaboration with Esri and other partners, Infosys offers full-scale ArcGIS deployments and data conversion services tailored for the telecom industry. This enables companies to harness the full power of GIS for network planning, management, and expansion, fostering an environment of accurate decision-making and streamlined operations.

Visit them: Hall 2 Stand 2E43

Enhancing Connectivity Insights

Ookla, the name behind the renowned speed test solutions, brings critical broadband connectivity data to the ArcGIS user community. This partnership offers telecom companies a detailed view of internet speeds and network performance worldwide, aiding in the identification of underserved regions and the planning of network expansions. It’s a vital step towards eliminating the digital divide and ensuring equitable access to high-speed internet.

Visit them: Hall 2 Stand 2I28

Pioneering in Spatial Analysis

The collaboration between Snowflake and Esri introduces a new dimension to spatial analysis and engagement in the telecom sector. By combining Snowflake’s robust cloud data platform with ArcGIS’s analytical tools, telecom companies can delve deeper into their operational data, uncovering insights that drive growth, optimize network performance, and elevate customer experiences.

Visit them: Hall 5 Stand 5A31

Network Management Systems

VertiGIS provides innovative network management solutions for Utilities and Telecoms, either built on or integrated with Esri’s ArcGIS System. Boasting a global presence through an extensive network of offices and partners, VertiGIS enhances businesses by offering secure, pervasive access to essential network information. This facilitates superior operational efficiency and strategic decision-making, leveraging the full capabilities of GIS technology.

Visit them: Hall 7 Stand 7A15

Real-Time Service Assurance with ArcGIS

VIAVI empowers telecoms to deliver real-time service assurance by harnessing ArcGIS technology to identify the geographical aspects of network interruptions. This capability allows Network Operations Center (NOC) teams to rapidly address OSP fiber cuts and effectively correlate events to determine the optimal response strategy. Through VIAVI’s solutions, telecom companies can ensure service continuity and reliability, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Visit them: Hall 5 Stand 5A18

Visit Esri at MWC Barcelona

As MWC Barcelona quickly approaches, the anticipation is incredible. This event is more than just a convergence of the world’s leading minds in telecommunications; it’s a showcase of the innovative spirit that drives our industry forward. Esri and our several if our esteemed partners—3-GIS, Cellular Expert, Enghouse Networks, Infosys, Ookla, Snowflake, VertiGIS, and Viavi—are set to illuminate the path to the future of connectivity. Our collaborative efforts represent the transformative power of location intelligence, redefining the boundaries of what’s possible in telecommunications.

By uniting advanced GIS solutions with the industry’s brightest innovations, we are not just responding to the evolving landscape, we are actively shaping it. Join us at Hall 7, booth 7C72, for an immersive experience into how we are revolutionizing network management, planning, and system performance. Together, let’s take this journey toward shaping a more connected and innovative world. See you soon at MWC Barcelona, where the future of telecommunications unfolds.

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Randall René is the Industry Solutions Director for Telecommunications at Esri, where he helps communication service providers leverage geographic information system (GIS) technology to transform workflows and improve communication, collaboration, and productivity across the entire telecom project life cycle. Randall is a proud US Army veteran with 25 years of experience in the telecommunications and cable industries working in the field, guiding GIS teams, and supporting infrastructure planning. He is a passionate advocate within the GIS community and committed to helping public and private sector organizations nationwide bridge the digital divide.


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