Randall René

Randall René is the Industry Solutions Director for Telecommunications at Esri, where he helps communication service providers leverage geographic information system (GIS) technology to transform workflows and improve communication, collaboration, and productivity across the entire telecom project life cycle. Randall is a proud US Army veteran with 25 years of experience in the telecommunications and cable industries working in the field, guiding GIS teams, and supporting infrastructure planning. He is a passionate advocate within the GIS community and committed to helping public and private sector organizations nationwide bridge the digital divide.

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Paper to Polys – Transforming Telecom Infrastructure Records

Ed Perry, showcases the significant advantages of transitioning from traditional records to digital polygon maps.

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Revolutionizing Telecom with Esri and 3-GIS: A Case Study on Oman Broadband Company

Oman Broadband Company is leading the transformation of broadband in the Middle East leveraging Esri and 3-GIS capabilities

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Leveraging Land Intelligence in ArcGIS for Organizational Success

A land intelligence system overlays various datasets within GIS to address industry-specific challenges and revolutionize decision-making

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Expanding Broadband: The Impact of the Esri and CHR Solutions Collaboration

The strategic collaboration between Esri and CHR Solutions presents a significant resource for broadband expansion

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TEKsystems Delivers National Fiber Route Validation

Over a three-year period, TEKsystems aided in helping lead the telecom company to the successful design of over 100,000 miles of fiber

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Transforming Telecommunications: My Insights on WGI Geospatial’s Mission and Capabilities

my insights into how WGI Geospatial's innovative solutions have been setting new standards for precision, efficiency, in telecom

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Mapping Digital Equity Activities: A Community Focused Approach

Leveraged GIS mapping to roll out popup events, digital literacy classes, and networked support across the islands

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Revolutionizing Telecommunications: with Esri and Partners at MWC Barcelona

ArcGIS delivers a comprehensive organizational view, which is essential for telecommunications providers aiming to lead in the digital era.

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Understanding Rural Broadband Deployment: The Role of ArcGIS in Navigating Potential Impacts

"Explore how ArcGIS empowers companies to grasp and navigate the impacts of rural broadband expansion, fostering informed decision-making.

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