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Emergency incidents have claimed lives, destroyed thousands of structures, prompted evacuations, and impacted localities. The expanding population and extreme weather conditions have magnified the impact of these incidents. The response and recovery to these increasingly complex events impact municipal budgets, local economies, and the communities we serve.

Esri has supported the public safety community for decades and continues to participate in an effective collaboration among federal and state agencies and local governments. ArcGIS offers a unique set of capabilities for applying location analytics to your preparedness, response, and recovery practices.

Operations and performance monitoring

Robust, accurate data analysis is critical for successful operations, especially after a response. GIS provides unparalleled tools for measuring performance and outcomes with rich analysis and visualizations. Collaboration tools simplify communication with stakeholders and decision-makers.

Fire department accreditation

First responders—fire, rescue, and emergency medical services (EMS)—rely on good data to make life-and-death decisions. A GIS-based accreditation process provides a smart, integrated way to ensure the right data is ready when needed. GIS technology delivers a proven way to accurately analyze, measure, and share data before, during, and after an event. 

Community risk reduction

Successful emergency operations work across a community to prevent events and mitigate risk. Using field data collection apps and rich data analysis, agencies can successfully pinpoint hazards and design response plans that reduce risk for the community and first responders. 

Wildland fire management

As wildfires continue to threaten communities, agencies must adapt to the increasing frequency and intensity. Location intelligence is essential to fighting these fires. GIS delivers location analytics, maps, apps, and reports that strengthen preparedness, response, and recovery. 



GIS Ensures Safety at the Pasadena Rose Parade

The Pasadena Fire Department transformed situational awareness and emergency response at the 2020 Rose Parade using GIS technology.

Partners in fire, rescue, and EMS

Esri partners offer specialized solutions built on ArcGIS to solve your real-world challenges.

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