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Esri Gas GIS Heroes

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Esri gas heroes inspire

GIS gas heroes are GIS champions in their industry. They have gained respect from colleagues who see them as problem solvers. Their humble natures and genuine love of GIS make them desirable and inspirational colleagues. Join us in celebrating these industry leaders who are using GIS to make a difference at their organizations.

Scott Ewart | Peoples Natural Gas

Scott Ewart is the Supervisor of the GIS department at Peoples Natural Gas located in Pittsburgh, PA. He has been with the company since 1989 when the GIS consisted of a CAD system and paper map books. After Peoples acquired two other gas companies, he headed a project to merge all three utilities into a single GIS database. Concurrently an offline mobile application was developed, a large-scale integration to the enterprise compliance and asset management application was deployed, as well as a suite of web applications.  

He also led an OMS project integrating GIS with SAP to provide an external facing outage map keeping the public informed of large-scale outages.  These projects support the company vision, Making Your Life Better, both for employees and customers.

A portrait of Scott Ewart wearing a dark blue polo shirt against a bright yellow background within a round yellow border

Scott Minter | Lake Apopka Natural Gas District

Scott Minter is the Chief Operating Officer at Lake Apopka Natural Gas District. A former global CIO, he has led the digital transformation since joining the District in 2016. The team at Lake Apopka has spent time and energy integrating Esri products with their work tracking and billing systems to transition from paper documents to digital, using these integrations to answer questions like “where is the work being performed” or “where does work need to be performed”. A recent example would be the corrosion maintenance inspections being driven from the District Map, an innovation that increased visibility, efficiency, and safety for the community, providing a healthier atmosphere for all.

Scott spends his free time playing golf and visiting theme parks with his family. 

A portrait of Scott Minter smiling in a slate blue suit with white shirt and red tie against a yellow background in a circular border

Casey Randolph | Mountaineer Gas Company

Casey Randolph is an engineering manager specializing in GIS at Mountaineer Gas Company, West Virginia’s largest natural gas company. He has been with the company since 2014 and was integral in the conversion from its legacy mapping system to Esri’s Utility and Pipeline Data Model. He has helped develop and deploy multiple mobile solutions using ArcGIS apps. These solutions align with Mountaineer’s mission statement, which is to provide safe, reliable natural gas services for the benefit of its customers, employees, investors, communities, and the environment.

Casey enjoys spending his free time with his wife, son, and two goldendoodles.

Casey Randolph smiling with short brown hair, wearing a blue polo shirt

Tamera Harris | Atmos Energy

Tamera Harris is a compliance manager at Atmos Energy. She led Atmos Energy’s first implementation of the Utility and Pipeline Data Model, which included data migration for nearly 6,000 miles of transmission pipeline as well as the development of a mobile and web viewer for the new system. Tamera has been with Atmos Energy for six years and has helped develop several GIS applications that have improved the company’s productivity, efficiency, and safety. 

Tamera currently resides in Prosper, Texas, where she enjoys spending time with her husband, Lorenzo, and son, Hudson.

A portrait of Tamera Harris smiling, enclosed in a yellow circle on a purple background

Past GIS heroes

  • Portrait of Michelle Tateyama wearing a dark suit and smiling with Esri’s headquarters building in the background

    Michelle Tateyama | SoCalGas

    Project Manager

    Michelle Tateyama helped develop a large ArcGIS Enterprise implementation that supports over 6,000 internal users on more than 100 applications.
  • Chris Polley with gray and white hair and a short beard, wearing glasses and a gray zip-up jacket
    GIS Hero Fall 2020

    Chris Polley | Summit Utilities

    Senior GIS Analyst

    Chris began working for Summit Utilities in 2009 and is the driving force behind the company’s move to an enterprise GIS.
  • Matthew Volker with dark brown hair and a mid-length beard, wearing a light blue button up shirt and a gray blazer
    GIS Hero Winter 2021

    Matthew Voelker | Spire Energy

    Director of GIS

    Matt takes an innovative approach to addressing business challenges to help serve 1.7 million customers in Missouri, Alabama, and Mississippi.
  • Richard Citkowicz with short brown hair wearing glasses and a navy-blue zip-up sweater
    GIS Hero Spring 2021

    Richard Citkowicz | SJI

    GIS Business Support Analyst

    Richard is part of a dynamic team that uses GIS to support SJI and is working on implementing tracking and traceability for a major gas company.

Who will be the next Esri gas GIS hero?

Do you know someone who uses GIS to create innovative solutions and inspire others?