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Increase customer satisfaction

Esri helps gas utilities improve customer care through engagement touchpoints—from the start of service through the term of the relationship. Enable customers to initiate their own service connection. Provide awareness of pipe network locations. Inform customers of planned projects and project status, and keep them updated on restoration status when an outage interrupts service. ArcGIS provides access to the information customers want, when they want it, for better gas utility customer care.

Strengthening the customer relationship

Timely communication

Esri's ArcGIS self-service portals can provide real-time data on outages and service restoration. With social media integration, customers can engage directly with utilities and provide valuable feedback and insights. Use GIS to deliver premier gas utility customer care.

Vital information

Customers rely on data to inform them of project activity and help them make decisions on safety in the event of an emergency. Hot spot analysis provides simple, effective information. 

Essential services

Improve customer connections, provide developer assessments, and track crews for improved stakeholder management and services.

Case Study

A metered approach to customer service

Learn how Memphis Light, Gas, and Water used GIS to resolve customer disputes and provide the utility with valuable information about its assets.

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