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How The Shopping Center Group grows revenue

One of the leading commercial real estate companies in the US has achieved 30 percent revenue growth and delivers competitive advantage to clients.

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Spatial workflows to drive growth

Engage customers with precise understanding

Authentic customer engagement starts with insight—understanding who your customers are, what they like, and what they care about. It's how business drives engagement. ArcGIS has the precise, hyperlocal data businesses need to better understand their best customers and to find new ones. Customer engagement powers growth.

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See market potential and find opportunity

Market dynamics are complex. Population characteristics, competitive presence, behavioral trends, and traffic patterns all have a direct impact on a market's potential for success and growth. ArcGIS brings together data from disparate sources, with analytical tools needed to see market opportunities. Local insights support sustainable growth.

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Deliver maximum performance from your network

Recent events like the global pandemic have caused massive disruption in global markets. Location intelligence gained from ArcGIS enables business leaders to see and react to these changes at the market and neighborhood levels. Whether it's used for deciding to repurpose an existing facility or finding revenue opportunities in a new area, ArcGIS supports fast, accurate decision-making with precise local data.

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Empower fast, accurate decisions

In business, speed is life, especially when it comes to evaluating a site and making critical decisions about real estate. ArcGIS empowers decision-makers with the most current hyperlocal data about location combined with industry-leading spatial analytics so they can understand the factors that drive growth and contribute to a location's success.

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Adapt to changing customer behavior

Trade areas, or service areas, are changing. Customers are traveling less, consolidating trips and changing how they interact with businesses. ArcGIS creates dynamic trade areas that are based on actual customer behaviors. As markets change, staff can quickly update areas, ensuring they have the most accurate view of customers.

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Accelerate growth with location analytics

Business opportunities are increasingly hyperlocal in nature. Precisely understanding local market conditions, customers, and products drives sales growth by exposing opportunities for optimization and expansion. From efficient routing to finding the right location for expansion, ArcGIS brings advanced spatial analytics to business.

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Interactive map

Language of spatial analysis

Geocoding data and putting it on a map can help you visualize and understand your data.

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